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  • If you’re getting married in the next coming months, congrats, you’re already much cooler than the try hard Spring bride or the masochist Summer bride (that’s me, in love and sweaty). I know you’ve got a thousand and one things on your to-do list and it probably also includes getting your 4 nearest and dearest their bridesmaids gifts. We’ve made it super easy for you so you can have one less thing to worry about: The Bridal Collection.


    The Bridal Collection features ‘The Wedding Lash,’ which of course is for the blushing bride, an applicator, black glue, and 4 limited edition lashes for your best girls. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the extra bit of glam on your big day and will love the fact they can reuse this luxurious gift up to 25 times! Honestly its a win-win. The only thing you’ve got to decide is who gets which lash, but we’ve got a breakdown for that!


    24 Carat

    She’s a red hot fox that can take the knocks. A hammer from hell, she’s your Wild One. She’s the girl who is always ready to go out, dance the night away, egg your exes car, whatever. You almost lost her in Mexico one year, but she showed up to dinner 6 hours later with a cute local, a hip tattoo, and a bottle of tequila she swore she drank the worm out of.

    She’s the life of the party and even her hello’s are flirty. She needs to be wearing 24 Carat on your day. The subtle flared clusters wing out any eye shape to create a sexy lash look your bestie will fall in love with.


    Catch this one crying in the club, it’s your Emotional Friend. Sad things make her tear up, cute things make her misty eyed, and happy things make her choke up. You’ve watched her cry just as hard when Bianca punches Joey at the prom as she does when Kat is reading her poem about Patrick in 10 Things I Hate About You.

    At the end of the day, you know she’ll happily lend a shoulder and an ear and do everything she can to cheer you up. You know she’ll stick through the thick and thin, even if it’s with a tissue box in hand. She’ll look beautiful in Prenup. This naturally wispy flare lash will slightly extend her eye shape and create a perfect understated cat eye. Just make sure to double up on the black glue.


    Happy Wife, Happy Life

    The term BFF did not exist before this girl. Your Childhood Bestie has been through it all with you. She grew up less than 2 blocks away and though time has sent you to different parts of the world, you’ve always felt just that close to her. From riding your bikes to the ice cream shop together, to Facetiming in the Uber back from a disastrous date, she’s always been your Day 1.

    Happy Wife, Happy Life will highlight her expressive eyes best. The criss-cross design gives off that doe-eyed effect while staying on the natural side.


    Always + Forever

    You sister from another mister, or maybe your actual sister, this last one goes out to your Maid of Honor. Chances are, she was there when you met your husband to be, or else you were furiously texting her from the bathroom of your first date swearing this one was wayyyyy different. She’s kept you sane and held you down like no one ever could. She calls you out when you need it and you listen because you know she’s always right. Standing up there next to you, she’ll look absolutely regal wearing Always + Forever. The full and wispy lash will accentuate her eye shape with its perfectly spaced clusters.

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