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  • By Becca Monaghan 

    Some hit up horoscopes to venture down the path of characteristic traits and self-discovery. We like to switch it up a little by modernising and glamming up the way you discover things about yourself (that you didn’t think you needed to know!) Whether you’re hittin’ the town or simply fancy enhancing your everyday look, find out what your go-to lashes say about you.  



    Dripping in confidence, you are a natural-born social butterfly. I mean, why be subtle when you can stand out? While you love to make an entrance and live by the motto, go big or go home, you’re also incredibly loyal which makes you the go-to friend when sh*t hits the fan! Your no-BS advice is sometimes hard to swallow so you soften the blow with a spontaneous night on the town! 



    Thank you, next. If it’s not exactly what you envisioned, you don’t want it! You’re determined, assertive and ambitious so there’s nothing that will stop you in your tracks. Whether you’re jetsetting the globe or staying on top of A/W trends, being carefree is the key to living your best life. After all, life’s too short to settle for less!  


    While you intentionally lack drama in your life (nobody’s got time for that), you definitely make up for in your lash game! You will never be the one to start a problem, but you’ll definitely finish it. Period. You work hard but play ten times harder and your generous nature makes sure everyone’s on the same wavelength (aka SHOT TIME!!!) 


    The instant glam for Instagram! Renowned as Kylie Jenner’s fav lashes, you keep your standards high and your lashes even longer. Luxury runs through in your blood, and you won’t settle for anything less than the best.  



    You are the perfect combination of sass and class. The ultimate look at me lashes epitomizes the natural born flirt you are! You couldn’t care less if you found yourself in an awkward situation, you’re the modern day Dorothy from Wizard of Oz… Click your heelsbat your lashes and you’re good to go! 



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