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  • You’re a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, but there are some things obvious to lash experts. We can make wild assumptions about you based off what your favorite lash is and we’ll be weirdly on point. The library is open, ready to get read?


    You are the little black dress, the elbow length gloves, the string of pearls. You are class personified. A natural star, never one to shy away from her fans.

    This full- body round lash is perfect for all your red carpet ready looks. An air of excitement and glamour follows you into every room and everyone takes notice. You couldn’t blend in if you tried, so just be the star you are.



    Sweet, baby angel! You’re bubbly personality draws people into your inner circle and you are never without true friends.

    This rounded, wispy, baby doll lash gives you open, innocent looking eyes and make you look like the real life Disney Princess you are.


    Miami in Faux Mink

    You know how to take care of yourself! You always put yourself first and take into consideration everything you put into your body and on your face. You practice a vegan lifestyle, but still love the glam things in life.

    You wear this fluttery, round lash proudly and are low key waiting for someone to make a rude comment, questioning your commitment to your cruelty lifestyle so you can reply “Oh sweetie, these are vegan.”

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