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  • You’re a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, but there are some things obvious to lash experts. We can make wild assumptions about you based off what your favorite lash is and we’ll be weirdly on point. The library is open, ready to get read?


    So Extra Miami

    You’re fearless. You’ve got a streak of bravery that burns bright and leaves others in awe. You like your lash to be just as bold as you. Your confidence naturally draws people to you and makes it simple to forge relationships. In fact, you made the first move on the last 3 people you dated, and ended them when the relationship no longer brought you joy. People have always been jealous of you and you like it that way.


    You’re an absolute minx. You love to keep people guessing and live for being demure and mysterious. Your daydreams are filled with incredible fantasies of you as a modern day Josephine Baker. The lightweight lash blends so seamlessly with your natural lashes, no one can tell they’re falsies. Just the way you like it.


    You’re a flirt. You love wearing falsies for the drama it adds to your favorite activity: batting your eyelashes. The full cat eye finish lends itself nicely to the come hither looks you’re constantly shooting people. You never shy away from eye contact and you practically invented the subtle arm touch. You’ve definitely charmed your way out of a speeding ticket, into a crowded bar, and up to first class and honestly, we respect and salute you for it.

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