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  • It’s finally here! Our favorite shopping day of the year!! Can you believe people used to get up at the crack of dawn to stand in line and get trampled in their hunt for a deal on a flatscreen? Tragic. Now there isn’t even a need to wake up early, change out of your pajamas. Heck, you don’t even need a computer. Black Friday deals just come to your phone. Capitalism and Technology just merge perfectly today.

    Of course you won’t want to miss our killer deals! Let us walk you through a few things you won’t want to pass up on this holy shopping day.

    Miami Duo

    Sweater weather is better together. Bundle up with your 2 styles of your favorite lash: Miami and Miami Lite. Our most popular rounded and ultra-wispy fan favorites add length, volume, and seduction to any look. Keep it subtle and LITE on nice days and go full drama on naughty nights. One for you, one for me: this is a great one to split with your bestie!

    Holiday Ornament

    What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe... This special holiday duo will have your lashes lasting all night long. Featuring our most popular lash style, Miami, and an exclusive mini version of our quick dry Clear Adhesive in a holiday ornament you’ll want up all year long! Keep it for yourself and add a flirty, festive touch to your upcoming looks or spread some cheer and give the gift of glam this season! Perfect for a stocking stuffer or an ultra glam tree trim.


    Get the glamorous and dramatic look of Lilly Lashes in a sleek and innovative mascara! Triple X makes your natural lashes wispy and dramatic with just one swipe. The fiercely dark formula will generously coat each lash and leave you with a fabulously glam finish. When a Lash Company makes a mascara- you know it's going to be GOOD! And you know everyone in your life will be excited at a brand new mascara in their stockings.


    Time to get your accessories in order! Eyelash curler, lash applicator, scissors, and a new lash compact!! Get every must have tool in sleek matte black because you gotta go into 2020 brand new. Or if you’re more of a gold or rose gold gal, we’ve still got a few of those styles still left in stock and there has truly never been a better time to buy.

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