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  • It’s finally Friday! You’ve only got a few hours to decide what you’re going to do, what you’re going to wear, and of course, how you’re going to do your makeup. Let us help you pick what lashes you should wear.

    Who’s gonna be there?

    A. Probably just my main crew

    B. Me and my bae, we’re attached at the hip

    C. Just my friends and that new guy my girl is seeing..and my coworkers said they might come. Oh and my Bumble date most likely.


    What’s the vibe going to be?

    A. Low key, super chill

    B. Soooo romantic

    C. Basically a rave


    So what’s the plan for tonight?

    A. Girls night!

    B. Stare lovingly at my SO over a candlelit dinner communicating telepathically

    C. Drink and dance the night away, might get messy and text my ex


    What are you sipping on?

    A. Cocktails, duh

    B. Probably keep it classy with some wine

    C. Shots, shots, shots


    How long is it going to take you to get ready?

    A. Hard to say, I’m getting ready with the girls and we tend to get sidetracked when Lizzo comes on the playlist

    B. AT LEAST 2 hours, I have to look perfect for my mans

    C. Half an hour, the sooner I’m ready the sooner the party can start


    Which one of these best describes you?

    A. My friends are better than any man! They don’t get mad when I call them out for leaving me on read.

    B. I love my baby, love my chick

    C. All we wanna do is party and bullsh*t


    If you answered:

    Mostly A’s: Your friends have already seen you in your most natural state. Sweatpants, messy bun, slurping ramen noodles and falling asleep with your mouth open. They’re not expecting you to impress them too much. Give them a hint of glam, but keep it natural looking. Show up wearing Lite Mink lashes like Lavish or Royalty.


    Mostly B’s: Whether you just started dating or this is date 13,937 for you two, it’ll still be nice to get a little dolled up. Now you can finally take a GOOD picture of the two of you. Grace him with your beauty in our 3D Mink Lashes like Miami or Doha.


    Mostly C’s: There’s a good chance you’ll wake up on your friend’s couch tomorrow with little to recollection of what actually happened. It’s alright, a little party never killed nobody. You might want to skip the lashes altogether and stick to Triple X Mascara for that killer Lilly Lashes look. But if you insist on wearing lashes, use our Clear or Black Adhesive guaranteeing they’ll stay in place through all your partying.

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