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  • A lot of people wonder if they can wear dramatic lashes with a hooded eye. Well the answer is YES! Here are a few tips and tricks to use when selecting the proper strip eyelash for a more hooded eye shape!

    When determining which lash would be right for a hooded eye keep the style and length of the lash in mind. Typically a round lash would be the best choice for a hooded eye, for example our 3D Lilly Lashes in the style "MIAMI" would be a great choice for a strip lash or our 3D Lilly Lashes in the style "DOHA" is subtly winged and slightly extend the shape of the eye giving a slight but effective cat eye!



    Certain eye shadow techniques can pair perfectly with strip lashes to help open up hooded eyes. Our 3D Lilly Lashes in the style "MONACO" would go hand in hand with a shimmer shade all over the lid to reflect light and open up the overall eye!

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