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  • It’s time to say bye to the boys and head home for Thanksgiving. Finally you can lay around in your pajamas, eating chips right out of the bag while someone else does your laundry. Just thriving. But come the actual holiday, it’s time to come correct and stunt. Everything has got to be on point and if you need some makeup inspiration, look no further!

    This cranberry look is a fall staple. The nudish-brown lip and subtle glow won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. Perfect for a colorful, but low key vibe. Pair with our Miami lash for that insta-worthy glam finish. This look isn’t too much, so your Mom will approve, but still  glam enough for that fire holiday selfie later.

    Thanksgiving isn’t about awards, but you’ll look like a trophy in this golden goddess look. The gold shimmer smokey eye sounds like it would be too much, but it’s a perfect soft glam look. Pair it with Carmel to really kick it up a notch and eat like the queen you are.

    Why not go all out? Holidays are meant to be formal and fancy so lean into it this year. Try a vibrant and colorful, two tone look like this pink and orange one. Pair it with Mykonos to add some enviable volume and depth to your look. Don’t hold back on the glow and you’re ready to go.

    Of course, there’s something to be said for keeping it simple. After all, it’s just your family you see all the time. It’s not like the boy who’s been leaving you on read is going to show up. A barely there look with clean brows, a little bronzer, clear lip gloss, and a swipe of our Triple X Mascara will have you looking cute and presentable.


    Just imagine how good all your eye rolls are going to look when your great uncle goes on his yearly rant. 

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