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  • Halloween is here and you don’t want to get stuck doing sexy cat…again. Hopefully you’ve got the start to an idea, if not, let us help you out.  We’ll give you 3 not sucky Halloween ideas, plus the must have lashes that’ll push it over the edge.

    It might sound basic, but hear us out: a witch. There are so many versions you could be and judging by your obsession with CoStar and the crystals you keep by your bed, you low key already think of yourself as one. A really spooky, gory witch with some dramatic Carmel’s or the unique Cannes, or Glinda the Good Witch with some fluttery Rome’s. Or of course you can be a new agey, Stevie Nicks - Lana Del Rey kind of witch and keep it light with Goddess or Opulence.

    The group costume is always a great way to go. There are endless options: Mean Girls, Stranger Things, Spice Girls, Rugrats, the whole cast of Mamma Mia 2…literally the list goes on and on. It’s always fun to run a whole crew deep, but thats means you’ve gotta work a little harder to stand out. That’s where your lashes come in! Stunt on the whole group and sport some So Extra Miami’s or So Extra Mykonos’. Halloween is your chance to go all out with dramatic lashes.

    Alright this one is kind of easy, but imagine the possibilities of being a Princess. First off, you know its still your dream to be posted up in a castle, wearing expensive jewelry, with a whole staff of people waiting to do whatever you want. Obviously Disney has got you covered with fictional princesses, but you could also be Meghan Markle, Grace Kelly, or Rain Al Abdullah. Either way, it’s all about a flirty, feminine look and that’s easy with lashes like Milan and Miami Flare. 

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