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  • Admit it, you’ve got a problem. A major makeup addiction. You’re intercepting packages so your roommates don’t see and switching everything into grocery bags when you go to a cosmetics store, its baaaaaad. But you’re not going to change, and we don’t blame you! We’re the exact same way, actually, we’re even worse. Our addiction is so much, we had to make OUR OWN MASCARA.


    That’s right! Your favorite lash brand just came out with your new favorite mascara.

    We’ve been secretly working on this amazing formula for years and we really think you’re going to love getting the Lilly Lashes look, in a bottle! Our Triple X Mascara is xtra-lengthening, xtra-voluminizing, and xtra-bold, designed to make your natural lashes appear long, wispy, and defined without weighing them down. This innovative mascara comes with a tapered dual-fiber wand that defines and coats each and every lash with an ultra-black, velvety smooth formula. One swipe gives lashes triple the effects and has an extra dark finish that’s buildable. Swipe once for a natural look with long, fanned out lashes or swipe three times for some major glam.


    No matter how many coats you prefer, Triple X Mascara is clump free, flake and smudge resistant. Next time you fall into a nap with all your makeup on, you won’t wake up with mascara flakes all over your cheeks. And when you rub your eyes due to frustration because bae is just not listening, you won’t end up with accidental eyeliner.


    We know what you’re going to ask and the answer is yes, of course you can use Triple X Mascara with your favorite Lilly Lashes. Use a light coat at the root of your natural lashes to gently bind your lashes to the falsies and then add some to your bottom lashes. Now you’re ready to go.


    Obviously lashes are our favorite part of any makeup routine. Now we’re just giving you options. Because of course, if a lash brand makes a mascara, you know its gonna be good.

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