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  • There’s seriously nothing like a new pair of lashes! Especially if you’re like us and can’t seem to deviate from your tried and true eye look, a new lash can change the whole vibe. A flare lash will give the illusion of a sultry cat eye finish to any look and a round lash will give off major babydoll looks. Updating you style just became insanely easy! And luckily we just launched TWO new Lite Mink lash styles and we know you’re just as excited as we are, so let’s get into them.


    If lashes are your lifestyle, look no further. These lightweight falsies add a subtle depth of volume to any eye look. The unique criss-cross pattern mimics the formation of your natural lashes, leaving you with an effortless finish. Lavish is perfect for an everyday lash wearer that wants something natural, yet glam. A must have for daytime activities when you need that hint of fabulous! Brunch, baby showers, Sunday service are about to be gorgeous.




    Beginners trying out the lash life, this one’s for you! Royalty adds an effortless touch to any eye look. The ultra-light flare style mimics your natural lash formation and adds that flawless density we’re always craving. A perfect lash to bump up your “barely there” makeup looks on hot summer days, pool hangs, or beach bonfires. A little something extra when you’re keeping it simple.


    Which one is more your style #LashLovers?



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