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  • We all know confidence is key to, well, most things in life. Some people seem to be born with an endless wealth of it. I suspect it has to do with having a perfect childhood or being a straight, white male. If neither apply to you, chances are you’ve got to work a little to remind yourself what a bad b*tch you are. Easier said than done, but we’ve got some tips next time you need to boss babe up.

    Work it from the outside in! Knowing you look a billion dollars will have you acting like it. So if you’re going in to ask for a raise, go in wearing our CEO lash. This BoxyCharm collaboration will remind everyone nearby who’s in charge.

    Nervous about meeting your boyfriend’s family? Look like your perfectly put together self and give off “future-daughter-in-law” vibes with Milan or Monaco.

    Take a page out of one of our favorite self made women’s book. Just like Oprah, end each night by writing down a few things you were grateful for that day. By recognizing all the good in your life on a daily basis, you’ll hold your head higher and build some long lasting self esteem.

    Set intentions and visualize your success. See yourself as the fantastic version of you, achieving all your goals and pretty soon you’ll start to believe it and see it happening. Changing this perception of yourself will naturally have you acting like the confident person you are. 

    Now go out there and werk!

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