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  • We have some exciting news for you!! Well exciting, but extremely dangerous. Really. Don’t read on unless you’re prepared to have your life change forever. Ok then, brace yourself. Lilly Lashes is now on IG Checkout. 

    In case you haven’t come across this phenomenon wreaking havoc on our bank accounts, IG Checkout lets you buy a product without even leaving the app. Brands have a new product tag and once you click it, you’ll see an option to Checkout on Instagram. You can tap to select various options such as size or color and then you’ll proceed to payment. Here’s the dangerous part, you’ll only need to enter your info the first time you check out. After that, all it takes is a couple of clicks and you’ll go right back to your feed, never missing a post. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, you’ll receive notifications about your shipment right in Instagram so you can keep track of your purchase. Truly a one stop shop, Amazon is shaking.

    Now the next time you’re scrolling through our feed (@LillyLashes) and double tap a beautiful picture of an influencer looking flawless in Opulence or Tease, and get the urge to try the lash for yourself, you’ll be able to do that! Your favorite app just got a little better, let your bank account know it’s in trouble.

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