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  • Rooftop parties, patio bars, and saying yes to the beach bonfire invites of the girl you haven’t seen since high school, and calling in to work on a Friday because you’re *cough cough* sick, are over. Yes, technically summer has been over for a while, but tell that to the 90 degree Sunday Los Angeles just had. Now that Halloween is behind us however, there is no denying fall, getting heatstroke under our sweaters, and of course cuffing season.

    In case you’re unaware: cuffing season is the slightly embarrassing lengths you’ll go through to secure a relationship from about, now till Valentine’s Day. That way you don’t have to pass off your grimaces as Holiday bubble guts when your family won’t stop asking about your (lack of a) love life or spend cold nights with three afghans and wondering if you should get a cat. A social construct to be sure, but one that everyone’s on board with. Especially online.

    A recent survey by found that there is a rise in online dating during winter months and that 90% of those surveyed said they found someone online they had a STRONG connection with. Either rose colored glasses are very chic in the fall/winter months, or we should rename it to soulmate season. Regardless, if you’re single, it’s probably a good time to get to swiping.

    And of course the first thing you’re getting judged on is your profile picture. Most people don’t ever look past that first pic so you better make it bomb, sis! Enlist your bestie as your photographer and pick a lash that will give off the vibe you want.

    I’m fun

    You’re here for a good time, not a long time. The party literally doesn't start until you walk in.

    Make sure that comes through by wearing Sydney or Ela in your profile pic.


    I’m hot

    Gorgeous and you know it, no one will take for granted the precious time you grace them with. Keep it flirty with flare lashes like Milan or Doha.


    I’m normal

    Look, there are a lot of weirdos out there, but you’re just looking for something nice and absolutely won’t pull a scam (unless it’s warranted).

    Nothing gives off norm core vibes quite like Luxe, Miami Lite, or our Triple X Mascara.

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