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  • Spooky season is going to give way any minute, so while there’s still time left, conjure three of our favorite horror movie mavens. We’ll tell you which lashes will perfectly capture their personality and style.

    Marion Crane 

    Your favorite on the run secretary. Her scamming led her right to her untimely death at Bates Motel in Psycho, but she’s forever engrained in our minds. Her eyes were always wide in fear and anxiousness, running from the law will do that to you. Diamonds is the perfect pair of lite lashes to emulate her expressive, baby doll look. 


    Jennifer Check 

    A literal man-eater and total queen bee, she was sacrificed so a lowly indie band could gain some fame and a succubus takes over in Jennifer’s Body.

    Who could forget her blank stare and beautiful almond shaped eyes when she held a lighter to her tongue and proclaimed she was a god? Paris creates that sultry, winged look that drew us to her in the first place.


    Nancy Downs

    Just a troubled girl who forms a coven with her friends and uses witchcraft to improve her life, nothing new. When she gets power hungry and takes a walk on the dark side, that’s when things take an ugly turn in The Craft.

    She’s never been anything but dramatic, which is why Carmel is perfect for this look. Go for maximum boldness in this flare lash, it’ll go well with the crazy eyes she always flashes.

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