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  • Happy Singles Day! Or are we saying Self Partnered Day now? No matter how you want to label your lack of a relationship status, today is your day.

    This is prime treat yo self, self-indulgence masquerading as self care time. We have a couple of suggestions of you focused activities to celebrate the day, and of course, the lashes to wear while doing them.

    Instead of falling asleep to another rerun of Top Chef, dreaming of 5 star restaurants, make yourself a reservation. You know you’ve got a ton of fancy places bookmarked on Yelp that you swear you’re going to suggest next time a wealthy bachelor asks you out. (Because that happens allll the time). No need to wait around for that handsome prince, Cinderella! Go all out glam with those heels you spent too much on but had to have, THAT dress (you know the one), and So Extra Mykonos 3D lashes. Feel rich, act rich ordering the filet mignon and asking them to leave the bottle.

    Take some pics of your incredible spread for your Stories and let everyone know how much you value yourself. Such a power move.


    Just because it’s Singles Day, doesn’t mean you have to spend it alone. Make it a Galentine’s Part 2 with your favorite single ladies and do it like only your crew can. Catch up over cheap drinks at your favorite happy hour. Trade some highlight single stories and cheers to all the things you were able to do without the confines of a relationship. You’ll want to be wearing Ela to really pop in the messy group photo that will be drunkenly posted ~sans Facetune~ Or try Rome if you know drinks will segue into karaoke, because they always do.


    But let’s throw it back to our favorite activity: shopping. You probably haven’t stepped foot in a brick and mortar store since the last time you saw your mom. We don’t blame you, 2 day shipping is the greatest modern invention. But there’s something so satisfying about walking around with shopping bags and trying on armfuls of clothes you may or may not buy. Keep it light in Lavish or glam in Miami to better envision all the bomb outfits with a flawless beat. 

    You deserve all these things every day, but take advantage of a reason to spend some money on yourself. We’ll treat you too, every purchase on our site comes with a Free Triple X Mascara, today only! Start feeling all the self love sis.

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