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  • Everything feels brand new in the fall. Unless you live in Los Angeles, its getting cooler everyday and you’re pulling out more and more layers every weekend. PSL’s are now your drink of choice and they’re basically keeping you alive at this point. You’ve got a lot to look forward to this season and you’ll absolutely need a different lash for each occasion.


    Hot girl semester is well underway and while you might not be juggling sold out concerts and 10 page papers, we hope you’ve been hitting those books. No doubt you’re about to start a huge group project that’s worth half your grade. Focus up because acing it is the only thing standing between you and your crush finally being able to talk about social matters. We’ve got a good feeling you’ll score two wins: a flawless 4.0 and a date to the Homecoming game. Unless you’re planning on going full face paint, stick to the cute route and add a touch of glam to your spirit night. Doha is a great option for you flirty babes looking to bag a ball player, and Diamonds will kick up any look in a beautiful, natural way.

    The game was amazing! Your team scored, and so did you. Your new bae was so taken by your school spirit and just asked you out on an epic date. He must be a Virgo because he’s got the perfect fall themed date all planned out. The nearby pumpkin patch is opening next weekend and he’s already got you tickets for the corn maze, apple picking, and the hayride. He’s got a special picnic packed and is already asking what your best angles are for the 100 photos he’s going to take of you (for the Gram of course). Your head is probably churning with looks once you heard photoshoot and obviously you’ll need to complete it with lashes. Try Mykonos Lite for some understated drama or Milan for a wispy, fluttery look.

    It’s time to say bye to the boys and head home for Thanksgiving. Finally you can lay around in your pajamas, eating chips right out of the bag while someone else does your laundry. Just thriving. But come the actual holiday, it’s time to come correct and stunt. Holidays are meant to be formal and fancy so go all out with Miami or Mykonos. Just imagine how good all your eye rolls are going to look when your great uncle goes on his yearly rant. 

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