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  • A glam girl’s most treasured event, a pageant. The outrageous talents, the sparkling dresses, everyone is basically crying glitter, what’s not to love about it!! The makeup isn’t just on point, it’s over the top. They’ve gotta be able to see it all the way in the back row or all the way at home. Here are the lashes you should wear for each portion if you’re ready to win Grand Supreme.

    No matter what your talent is, show them you can do it glammed to the gods. Sing your heart out or throw that ax with ultra dramatic lashes like Mykonos or Carmel. These 3D Mink lashes will add enviable volume and depth for an ultra glam look.

    You’ve obviously got the question portion in the bag, but humor the people.

    Bat your eyes in fake thought before you deliver an eloquent and spot on answer. A fluttery and wispy lash like Rome or Paris will hint to the audience about your secret genius status.

    Since you’re going quite bare for the swim suit portion, it will be nice to complement that with a more natural makeup look as well.

    Lite Mink lashes like Lavish or Tease will add that subtle depth and volume perfect for showing you can do an everyday glam.

    Now go get ‘em!

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