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  • Lilly Lashes has so many different style lashes to choose from! Sometimes picking the perfect lash for your eye shape can be a little tricky. If you don't know the difference between round and winged lashes, don't worry we got you! The ultimate difference between both of these lash styles is the shape of the lashes.
    A round lash is consistent in length all the way around the band. A perfect example of a round lash is our #1 best selling lash, Miami! Miami is everyone's favorite lash, it is perfect for any eye shape and can be worn for a day or night look. Some of our most popular round lashes include, 3D "Mykonos", Lite "Goddess", 3D Miami Lite, and Lite "Lavish". If you love a full glam look and round lashes, 3D "Miami" and 3D "Mykonos" lashes will be your perfect fit! However, if you are more of a natural glam Queen, the perfect round lashes for you will be Lite "Goddess" and Lite "Lavish" Lilly Lashes!
    A winged lash is completely different because it starts short on the inside and  increases in length and fullness on the outside edge of the lash. The winged lash increases in the end which gives it a winged cat eye effect. A winged lash is perfect for those of you that enjoy a simple sexy eye look or a full glam smokey eye look. A winged lash can work for any eye shape but if you have round or almond eyes, a winged lash will be your match made in heaven! If you love wearing eyeliner, a winged lash will make your eye look even more fabulous! Our "Black Power Liner" and our Lilly Lashes are the best duo! Our top winged Lilly Lashes include 3D Miami Flare, our newest lash 3D "Ibiza", 3D "Doha", and Lite "Luxe". If you decide to rock a natural winged lash look make sure you wear Lite "Luxe" Lilly Lashes. But if natural glam isn't your vibe, then rock our 3D "Miami Flare" or 3D "Ibiza" Lilly Lashes! These lash styles will be the best match for a winged lash look!
    Keep in mind that Lilly Lashes can also be worn up to 25 times! Yup that's right, 25 TIMES!! You can try one lash style for a whole month or you can switch between lash styles. We have a lash perfect for any glam look!
    Click the link below to learn more about ROUND VS WINGED LILLY LASHES:
    Make sure to tag #LillyLashes on your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured!❤

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