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  • We’re halfway through October and hopefully fall is in full swing wherever you are (and not perpetually 80 degrees like SoCal). But no matter how cold it’s not, you can make it feel like sweater weather with a few activities. There’s still time to check off everything on your October To-Do List, or start ours and fulfill your fall requirement. 

    Host a Movie Night

    A perfect way to get in the spooky mood is to host a movie night! There’s an endless list of Halloween and Halloween adjacent movies to showcase that night. Keep it classic with some 80s Wes Craven gold, give everyone jump scares with a Paranormal Activity marathon, or if you’re a scaredy cat like me, make it a witchy double feature with The Craft, Witches of Eastwick, Hocus Pocus, or Practical Magic. No matter how scary the night will be, take it up a notch and channel your inner Elvira. Greet your guests with a plunging neckline and goth makeup topped off with dramatic lashes like Carmel or So Extra Mykonos.


    Find Your New Favorite Fall Outfit

    Fall is just as much a fresh start as Spring so as you’re pulling out your favorite comfies, take it as an opportunity to donate that high low off white sweater you got 6 years. It’s just dingy and ill-fitting now and was it actually ever stylish? Revamp your style for the cold weather; maybe you finally buy that long red coat you’ve always wanted and turn to a more natural lash style like Luxe or Goddess. Or keep a minimal black and white wardrobe scheme, best paired with a fresh face, fluffy brows, a striking lip, and bold lashes. Try this look with Miami or Hollywood.








    Make Homemade Cider

    Paging Susie Homemaker! Try your hand at domesticity with this fall time classic. Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with this lite alternative to hot chocolate. Bring some to the office and treat your coworkers. Hit it with the Martha Stewart treatment and spike it for the rest of the women forced to attend some football game. Either way, keep up the role playing with some round lashes to really open up your eyes and give you that innocent baby doll look. Try wearing Lyla or Diamonds.

    Get a Jump on Your Holiday List

    It may seem a little early, but take a second to mentally count all the gifts you have to get this year……..yeah, it’s overwhelming. Take an afternoon to write everyone down and what you could possibly gift them, once you know, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for the best holiday deals coming up. You won’t have to brave the madness on Black Friday and you’ll be stress free before everyone else. Of course you can check off a handful of your best girlfriends by shopping our Holiday Collection! 

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