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  • All the festivities are done and it’s time to get back to work. Literally and emotionally. Now’s your chance to reinvent yourself or take on some new positive traits. Set up the rest of the year with this first day (because let’s face it, January 1st doesn’t count) and you’ll be so proud of the boss babe attitude you kept up all year. Sometimes, a change from the outside in is exactly what you need to set you off on your new path. Best place to start is with your lashes, that’s a fact! Trust us, it’s instant confidence and lets everyone around you know you are not to be messed with.


    This stunning 3D fluttery lash is perfect for adding a touch of effortless glam to your looks. The fluffy cat eye will have people enraptured with you and have strangers wondering how to get to know the obviously cool, unbelievably beautiful girl over there. This flare lash will inspire confidence in you, you didn’t even know was there and will never want to live without.


    If you spent 2019 wearing lite mink lashes like Opulence and Goddess, it’s time for you to graduate to Doha full time. This wispy flare is perfect for all stages of beginner that want just a hint more of glam. A true cat eye, Doha adds that touch of flirtatiousness every look could benefit from. This is your year to step up your game and rock that 3D mink lash life on the daily.


    For true blue beginners wanting nothing more than to change up their style in this new year, you’re going to love Royalty. This ultra lite mink lash is the perfect flare lash for everyday. It mimics your natural lash formation so it won’t feel heavy on your lid and looks as natural as possible. It’s reusable up to 15 wears so you can challenge yourself to wear them 15 times in one month and see how integral they become to your everyday look.

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