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  • Now that the holidays are behind us, there’s only one obstacle standing between you and 2020: New Years Eve! No doubt you’ve had your plans on lock for a month and have spent last weekend putting together an incredible vision board for the new year, but you have one night to set up how the rest of your year will go. In the immortal words of RuPaul, “don’t **** it up.” But we’ve got you sis! We can predict exactly how your NYE will go based off the Lilly Lashes you wear. Because you know, science.


    If you’re stepping out on the 31st in our fluttery Milan lash, chances are you’re going somewhere special. Somewhere with a pre fixe menu and a champagne toast at midnight or an exclusive New Year show with your special someone. The wispy flare lash will dazzle your date every time you laugh and complement the ever present twinkle in your eye. He won’t be able to take his eyes off of you. We wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the night you get a little more than a midnight kiss…Are those wedding bells we hear?


    Whatever party you’re going to wearing Tease, is where we want to be. You’ll be the center of attention twirling on the dance floor and batting your wispy, round 3D mink lashes. You’ll flit from group to group and charm everyone along the way. You’ll exude gorgeous glam without being over the top and leave a trail of pining hearts behind you. You’ll never tire and appear fresh and unbothered with your light and comfortable lashes, even while those around you are panicking to find someone to kiss. You don’t need to worry, you’ll have first dibs come midnight.


    Even when your friends insist on a quiet, slumber party for the big night, you’re going to show up wearing Lavish. Just something light you know. The MTV countdown will be playing softly in the background while you graze on a tasteful junk food spread and paint each other’s nails. Minutes before midnight, the host will get a text from their neighbor telling them to come over. You and your girls will rush over in your pajamas and quickly find a bottle to share. As the countdown gets started, you look around frantically. Although the night hadn’t promised a kiss, you were determined to get one now. You lock eyes with a cutie over by the couch and do your best to look demure in your natural lashes while hightailing it over there. The kiss is nothing short of fireworks.  

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