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  • Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite. With having one lash style that you wear everyday. It’s your uniform, your staple. You wouldn’t be you without this lash! People expect to see you in this lash. It’s expected. Safe. Predictable. Actually, you might want to switch things up.

    We get it though, that’s a little daunting. We offer so many styles, you don’t even know where to start when it comes time to branch out. Luckily, our lashes are cheap and affordable when you take into consideration the number of uses you get out of a single pair. And don’t worry, we can suggest a couple of styles for you to try based on your current favorite lash!



    Of course Miami is your favorite. We don’t blame you, it’s everyone’s favorite. The fluttery, full body is universally flattering and beautiful on its own or with a full eye look. But you don’t want to be like everyone. If you’re ready to be ahead of the pack, we’re here to help. If you like the drama and fullness of Miami, try our Hollywood lash. It’s got the same fluttery effect and focus on the center of the band to deliver a wide-eyed, rounded feminine look. A little more dense at the lash line to provide that old Hollywood glamour. If you want to lighten things up a little, try our Mykonos Lite lash. A more natural version of our 3D Mykonos, this subtle round lash doesn’t skimp on the full body look you’re a fan of.



    So you like to keep it natural, we’re here for it! Who doesn’t like leaving people wondering how they’re able to look so good with “no makeup” on? Goddess does exactly that while giving you that perfect rounded baby doll look. This is a favorite for beginners, but let us expand your world just a little. If you still wanna keep it lite and natural, try our Royalty lash. This flare lash is ultra light  and adds that effortless touch you’ve no doubt grown to love. This is THE perfect lash for first timers or a pro looking to tone it way down. If you think you’re ready (you are) to transition to 3D mink lashes, start with the Lyla lash. This round lash has that wispiness you’ll love and absolutely weightless mink fibers. 



    You’ve graduated to 3D mink, but you still toe the natural line. A lot of people fall in this in between area and settle on Doha. It’s a gorgeous flare lash with a perfect gradual increase from inner to outer corner for a flirty finish. It’s wispy and full and natural all at the same time. A true winner. But it’s time for you to step it up and try our Aspen lash. It may look a little fuller than you’re used to, but it’s so fluttery and stays more natural looking than you’d think. It seamlessly blends with your natural lashes and adds that effortless glam you’ll want for all your upcoming looks. If you want a little break from the 3D styles, try our Lite lash in Luxe. Add a subtle flourish of depth and volume with this light glam flare lash. Perfect for everyday wear!

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