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  • Are you more of a full glam or natural glam type of gal? Regardless of which type of glam you prefer, we got you covered! Lilly Lashes just launched a "Clear Power Liner" and a "Black Power Liner" - both double as a lash adhesive and eyeliner. These liners are already on everyone's MUST HAVE list!


    If you live for a full glam look, black power liner will be your match made in heaven! If you love creating different makeup looks you will fall in love with this product. Lilly Lashes Black Power Liner looks stunning paired with any 3D Lilly Lashes or any of our lashes really! With our Black Power Liner, your lashes and liner will stay looking fab ALL DAY LONG!
    If a full glam look isn't your vibe, your best match will be our clear power liner! Our Clear Power Liner is extremely easy to use and perfect for beginners. Lilly Lashes Clear Power Liner dries off clear and will look amazing with Lilly Lashes Lite Collection lashes. Purchasing clear power liner can help you practice apply eyeliner and become a pro! It's also waterproof as well which makes it perfect to wear if you are going to the pool and want a natural look with natural lashes or want a "no makeup" look.
    Both Power Liners are only $20 and work with ALL of our lashes! Power Liner is also latex free, sulfate free, and paraben free. This felt tip eyeliner makes it extremely easy to apply in just two easy steps! All you need to do is apply a layer of power liner to your lash line (as you would a regular eyeliner) and apply your favorite lashes right on top! You do not need to wait for the power liner to get tacky, your lashes will immediately stick on!
    If you are still unsure of which power liner to choose, try both out! These new Power Liners will be a huge game changer to your makeup routine! Power Liner is selling out fast, so head over to purchase now and get ready to slay! 💖

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