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  • Are you tired of purchasing different mascaras and not finding the PERFECT match?!
    Since everyone dies for our lashes we decided to create a new mascara to give you the Glamorous Lilly Lashes false lash look- in a bottle! Our Triple X Mascara is EXTRA volumizing, EXTRA Lengthening, EXTRA Bold, and Ultra Dark. One swipe only and you will see a dramatic difference!
    This mascara is on everyone's must have list and in every makeup artist beauty kit! Many mascaras are designed to have a natural or dramatic effect but our Triple X Mascara is designed with a tapered wand and velvet finish formula which makes it perfect to go from a natural effect to a dramatic effect: The choice is yours!
    Don't you hate when you wear mascara and you start to get smudges under your eyes?! We hate when that happens also which is why our mascara is 100% SMUDGE PROOF! We got you covered.😉
    Our mascara is perfect for any type of lashes! You can apply Triple X Mascara before applying your false lashes to create a perfect glam finish. If you aren't comfortable with applying lashes yet, we highly recommend you use our Triple X Mascara to get the perfect false lash look without having to wear false lashes! Below are some reviews from our Lilly Lash Babes loving our new Triple X Mascara!
    Do your lashes a favor and purchase our exclusive Triple X Mascara: You will NOT be disappointed! Get ready to start slaying and taking selfies using your new perfect match: Triple X Mascara! 💖

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