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  • It's time to get rid of your current eyeliner and lash glue and get our Power Liner! Did you know Lilly Lashes Power Liner doubles as a lash adhesive?! With our Power Liner you get 2 products in 1! Our Power Liner has a jet black felt tip and doubles as an extra tacky adhesive for a quick and easy lash application.
    Applying our Power Liner is a simple 2 step process! All you have to do is apply Power Liner normally as you would apply any eyeliner and then place your lashes right on top of your lash line. Your lashes will automatically stick! 
    A Pro Tip to keep in mind: For best results, store the eyeliner tip upside down for optimal ink flow.
    Step 1:
    Step 2:
    You don't have to worry about your eyeliner smearing because it is waterproof, dries fast, and is perfect for all day wear. Once the day comes to an end and its time to take your lashes off, our liner will not leave any clumpy glue residue! 
    In addition, our Power Liner is vegan, latex free, sulfate free, and paragon free! What more could you possibly want?! If your going swimming on the first date the Power Liner will be PERFECT for you to use since it is waterproof and your lashes won't fall off! No Magnets. No Messy Glue. EASY TO APPLY.
    Go purchase our Power Liner and you will see that your makeup routine will become much faster, easier, and less of a hassle! We can't wait to see your makeup looks wearing our new Power Liner! 

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