Goddess Lash

Goddess Lash

Luxury Collection : Godess

Our Goddess lash is NOW IN STOCK! 

Our Luxury Collection lash in the Style Goddess is back in stock!

Goddess was one of the fastest selling styles so it went out of stock quickly! Goddess is definitely Miami's younger sister. She resembles Miami with her wispy look, cris cross layout and flirty look. All of our Luxury Collection lashes have a thinner band and not so dense look to give a more natural glam. They look a lot like our 3D Mink Collection, but with a softer glam and a lower price point.

Goddess is definitely the lash to go to when you are out having a fun day with girlfriends, grabbing lunch with a significant other  or simply going grocery shopping. Why not be glam at your local grocery store, right????

We are excited to have Goddess fully in stock, so make sure to add Goddess to your Lilly Lash collection. Here is an exclusive coupon code for all of our customers reading our Lilly Lashes Blog: LASHBLOG 



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